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  • 2007-Current Tundra High Clearance rear bumper


    2007-Current Tundra High Clearance Rear Bumper

    This is a bulletproof high clearance rear bumper for your 2nd and 3rd gen Tundra. The main body of the bumper is constructed out of 6"x2"x3/16" rectangular tubing. Recovery points are integrated into the frame mounts and are a full 3/4" thick. You'll see the secondary forward mounts that bolt to the frame and increase the side impact capabilities of the bumper.

    • 3/16" thick main body
    • 3/4" thick frame mounts and recovery points
    • Hidden 2" receiver
    • 4-6 week lead time

    Lighting: There is not a standard light cutout for this bumper. The recommended lights are flush mount, and it is your choice which light you go with. If you send us your new lights we will integrate them into your bumper. You also have the option of having us source your lights for you.

    Shipping: Shipping charges will be determined once the bumper is complete. Typically it is cheaper to ship to your local FedEx facility and have you pick it up. There are options available and will be discussed on an individual basis.