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  • Magnetic Drain Plug


    Believe it or not, our newer Toyota 4wd rigs do not have a magnetic drain plug in the transfer case. I for one want the peace of mind knowing that my transfer case is healthy. Well, now we can. With the inexpensive addition of a magnetic drain plug you'll know for sure that you're transfer case is good to go when you change your fluid.

    Each drain plug comes with a copper washer and you have the option to buy additional washers during checkout.

    The drain plugs have a 19mm hex head for removal. The hex head is significantly deeper than the stock plug which reduces the chance of rounding it over. See the stock plug in the pictures, the one without a magnet.

    These fit many different Toyota and Lexus transfer cases as well as some rear differentials. The main vehicles are listed below. If you have a question as to whether or not these plugs will fit your vehicle or not please contact us.

    Transfer Case

    • Tacoma - 1995-current
    • FJCruiser - All
    • 4 Runner - 1995-current