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  • NSA Switch Panel


    There is currently a 3-4 week lead time on NSA's. Feel free to back order and if you have any questions please send us an email.

    Spare remotes may be purchased separately here

    • NSA (No Strings Attached) = A painless 12 volt accessory switch
    • No wires through the firewall
    • 200ft range wireless remote
    • Flexible programming with eight different options

    1. Toggle
    2. Momentary
    3. Latched
    4. Toggle (1-4), Momentary (5-8)
    5. Toggle (1-4), Latched (5-8)
    6. Momentary (1-4), Latched (5-8)
    7. Toggle (1-6), Momentary (7-8)
    8. Toggle (1-6), all on/off (7-8)

    Toggle = Press on and press again for off
    Latched = Press one button for on, and press any other button to turn them off.

    I have my personal switch panel set to # 7, which allows me to run the following;

    1. ARB Compressor power (Compressed air for my locking differentials)
    2. Rear locker
    3. Front locker
    4. HID spot lights
    5. Rock lights
    6. Winch power
    7. Winch in (Momentary)
    8. Winch out (Momentary)

    You have a wide variety of options with the eight different settings, how will you set yours up?