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One Ton Master Cylinder Upgrade


If you've swapped in tons on your 05+ Tacoma you need this kit. The stock master cylinder and even the Tundra master cylinder are insufficiently sized for the job. More than likely if you've tried to use the stock master you've ended up with a soft pedal that goes to the floor before you come slowly to a stop. Well, here's the solution.

Compatibility with the FJC and 4Runner are being checked now.

This kit adapts the 5.7L Tundra dual diaphragm booster and the GM 1 ton master cylinder to your firewall and stock brake pedal. No cutting is required as it all just bolts up. The new master does take up a bit more space, so keep that in mind.

The kit includes the following:

  • Interior pushrod extension (the Tundra pushrod is significantly shorter than the Tacoma)
  • Waterjet cut Adapter plate between the booster and master (offset bolt patterns)
  • Brake line tube nuts (sized to fit the master and the standard 3/16" brake lines)
  • Plunger adapter (CNC milled to fit accurately between the booster and master)
  • Oring to seal the master to the adapter plate
  • All needed hardware

What's not included
The master cylinder can be picked up quite cheaply at any parts store, or online. The booster will need to be sourced at a parts yard or Ebay. I have had the best luck with ebay, finding them in the $60 range. You're looking for a 2008+ booster from a 5.7L Tundra. Match the booster to the image above for verification.