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  • Polaris Slingshot - EZView Mirrors

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    The EZView Mirrors for the Polaris Slingshot offer a 35% increased field of view compared to your factory mirrors. These will help eliminate your blindspots and let you keep an eye on traffic.


    • Flat inner section (for normal rear viewing)
    • Aspherical outer section (Allows you to see two lanes over)
    • Curved down lower section (Allows you to keep an eye on the side of your slingshot)

    The Slingshot EZView Mirrrors are a stick on top application. Simply clean your mirror, peel off the protective paper backing, and stick them on. It's as easy as that.

    The mirrors are shaped to match your existing OEM glass and will protrude from the glass slightly due to the OEM design. This will not be noticeable from the seated position.

    Trail Toys takes no responsibility or liability for your use of these mirrors.