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  • UHMW Gas Tank Skid Plates - 2005+ Tacoma DCLB

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    UHMW Gas Tank Skid

    Fits 2005+ double cab LONG bed Toyota Tacoma's.

    Current skids are blue in color. The blue UHMW is a higher grade material than the black and is offered at the same price as the black.

    The Trail Toys gas tank skid is made out of UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene. The material is a full ¼” thick and is very puncture resistant and slippery. The material is silicon injected which adds to it’s tendency to slip over obstacles rather than get caught on them.

    The skid attaches to your truck using 2” endless loop cam buckle straps. Two hooks are provided that slip over the passenger side of the gas tank straps and two anchor mounting brackets bolt to the drivers side of the gas tank straps. The beauty of this design is that those of us that didn’t buy off roads don’t have to buy new $80 gas tank straps. The breaking strength of the webbing and associated hardware is 6,000lbs. The black buckle included with the kit goes on the front driver side mount as shown in the product pictures.

    The skid weighs in at a meager 8lbs. We already have enough weight on the drivers side of the truck, no need to add any more to that than we have too.

    Don’t forget that you don’t have to paint this skid ever!

    Installation time should be less than an hour.

    By popular request, the default color of the skids will be black. Here is the complete package.